Multi-ply Till Rolls (2 & 3 Ply) / Carbonless Till Rolls

Multi-ply Till Rolls are also known as Carbonless Till Rolls. They come mainly as 2 ply or 3 ply although 4 ply, 5 ply and even 6 ply versions are used in some areas like Telex Rolls.

An Ink Ribbon or Ink Roller is used to print the image on the top copy of the till roll but all others are created by special coatings on the back and front of all the other layers. The ‘impact’ of the print head hitting the top copy compresses the paper and bursts the ‘ink bubbles’ on each successive layer. Invariably the pressure weakens with each layer and to ensure we get the best results we only use the top quality papers for our Multiply Till Rolls.

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