Waffletechnology® Cleaning Cards

Using a Waffletechnology® cleaning card is essential for the consistent credit card and debit card reads on your POS terminal. Credit cards and Debit cards have oils and dirt on the surface and with each swipe of a card in your machine, these contaminates are transferred onto the magnetic heads in the card readers. This accumulation of dirt and oils is 80% of the reason why the card readers fail. Therefore by using a Waffletechnology® cleaning card regularly in your machines will prolong the life of your equipment, reduce downtime of equipment, reduce maintenance and repair fees, reduce fees from erroneous transactions and ensure the overall smooth running and reliability of your machines.

Waffletechnology® Cleaning Cards are more effective than standard cleaning cards as they allow the user to get a more advanced and thorough cleaning. Waffletechnology® cleaning cards incorporate flexible, raised cleaning platforms on the top and bottom surface. The cleaning cards are essentially spring loaded (see (BLUE DIAGRAM) illustration), dramatically increasing the pressure applied throughout the cleaning process. These raised platforms can access critical components in the machine which flat standard cleaning cards cannot reach.

Examples of the industries and applications who benefit from cleaning cards are :- Banking, Supermarkets, Retail, Convenience stores, Leisure, Hospitality, Restaurants, Gaming, Warehouse, Casinos, Petrol Stations, Airlines, Universities, Public Transport, Haulage, Medical, Government, Security etc …

Examples of Machines which would benefit from the use of a Waffletechnology® Cleaning Card include:- Debit / Credit Card Readers, POS Card Readers, Swipe ATM’s, Pay at Pump, Phone Card Recharge, Check Readers, Time/Attendance Swipe Readers, Ticketing Machines, Hotel Door Locks, Door Entry Systems, Vending machines.

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