80 x 80 BPA Free Thermal Rolls (Box of 10 rolls)


Size: 80 x 80 x 12.7 core
Paper Grade: Thermal
Colour: White
Rolls per box: 10


Buy 2 for £13.95 per box

Buy 4 for £11.95 per box

Buy 8 for £9.95 per box


BPA Free Thermal Paper Rolls 80 x 80 x 12.7 core White (10 rolls per box). Used as Cash Registers Rolls, Till Rolls and EPOS Rolls in a wide range of Thermal printers including Aures, Axihom, Bixolon, Casio, Checkout, Citizen, Custom, Datecs, Dell, Digispos, Elix, Epson, Fidelity, Geller, IBM, Intellident, IPC, Ithica, Kniight, Kube, Labau, Maxatec, Metapace, NCR, NPTechnologies, Olivetti, Omniprint, Orient, Partner Tech, Posiflex, Posligne, POS-XQ1, Sam 4S, Samsung, Sewoo, Sharp, Smartserve, Star, Toshiba, Transact, Uniwell & Woosim.

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